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ORTHO SERVICE is a multinational represented so far in four African countries (Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin and Togo), the United Arab Emirates with an office in Dubai and will soon open a design office in China.

We encourage companies around the world and countries in which we operate to respond to national and international calls for tenders launched in the framework of the realization of major projects existing today in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our office guarantees to all our partners a perfect setting for the job, discretion and full-time support of engineers with a good knowledge of the field and its realities which are very often different in different environments.

We provide our partners with a follow-up which gives us a good reputation in terms of success in cases related to national or international tenders for which, companies, are monitored by ORTHO SERVICES.


ORTHO SERVICES Founded in 2010 , Ortho Services is a young trading company in charge of study and achievement in road-construction hydro electric dams -Work Building. Our goal is to support companies in their ability to respond to calls for national and international tenders, to ride their bidding documents (DAO), to ensure the study and monitoring. But even more, we provide the perfect outsourcing to our clients to support them in the process of realization of construction works, small, medium or large. We work with engineering and technical courses at the height of great achievement and extensive work. We operate in the motivation that we give to local and international companies to meet current needs work.


Ortho services aims at providing medium and long term assurance to local and foreign companies and also the ability to complete the work. We promote the exchange of experiences in the provision of services and new technology in Africa. Africa being a continent of wide projects, we invite companies who are able to demonstrate their expertise and contribute to its development. They can trust in us and become our partner in the realization of this development. Ortho-Services has chosen to organize its work around a central concept: That of performance. Beyond the provision of services, commonly secure, we propose to you a real process of building an oriented operational cooperation relationship which will be sustainable, equitable and respectful through-out each course of your project. We analyze your needs so as to target your exact expectations.